How do I access paid tasks on Unbabel? How much do you pay editors?




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    Paula Feliciano

    Hi, Thanks for the answer. I guess I'll wait for next week. All good changes are welcome!

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    Dimka L

    You should also get work in Catalan to English and vice-versa!

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    @Renata: currently we have more volume in English to Spanish, French, and other languages. But we are growing! :)

    @Dimka: thank you for your suggestion! We would need to start by translating the test tasks into Catalan. If you are willing to help with that, please email me at

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    Liam Li

    Hi Federico,
    I guess we just have to accept that this is a new and buggy site and wait for its improvement.

    It would be nice through if the staff can actually explain to us what happened and what's happening.
    But in this thread, the last time staff replied to someone was 22 days ago. And maybe that's another fact we have to accept : they don't care much that much about editors--there are so many of people looking for jobs--They are probably spending time satisfying employers, who pay.

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    william digiorgio

    Is there any way to change the topics I can translate? Or to translate only one direction, from Japanese to English? The free tasks I am getting are from the same source, and if I skip one part, it is usually the case that I need to skip the entire original content. It would be great if there was a way to do this with one action.

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    Hey guys,
    Sorry for the delays we've been having in answering your questions.
    Federico, we really appreciate your kind words. We're experiencing what I would call "growth pains", but I assure you we'll get to all the questions!

    @Talal and Giulia: we're growing on all languages. Please use the Google Chrome Notification app mentioned above to know when there are paid tasks available.

    @Meng Li - this is a very unusual situation indeed! we do have the paid tasks you worked on recorded, I've opened a ticket with engineering and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. don't worry, you will be paid for your work.

    @william - you can change both the topics and the languages on your settings here:
    I think this article will interest you also:

    Thank you all for being part of our community and your patience as we improve our product and ramp up our sales.

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    Giovanna Primon

    I'm confused. I have acumulated over 700 points and I didn't receive anything. How does this work?

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    Rui Maio

    I've got about 750 points doing free tasks. None of the tasks has been reviewed. Is there any specific task or request I have to do to get these tasks reviewed by someone?

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    William Goldstick

    I've got about 530 points doing free tasks. None of them have been reviewed. How long before they are reviewed?

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    Andrea Scauri

    I have also acumulated more than 500 points in free tasks and I would like to know when they will be reviewed.
    Thank you!

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    Aleksandra Korzunova

    Hello! same for me - I got 541 points on free tasks a week ago and wrote letter to support - but still do not have any reviews, when I get them? and will be able to made paid tasks?


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    Pamela M.


    I installed Google chrome but I don't know how to get communications about the available paid tasks as you suggested. Should all my language pairs be unlocked for that? At the moment I just unlocked English-Italian and English-German but I find it interesting to see if there are other possibilities in other languages.

    An other question: is regularity very important for staying in the paid editors group and is it a problem to make breaks of one, two weeks because of vacation or illness? Or do you actually care only about the speed and quality of each task?

    Thank you


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    Dmitrij Solovyov

    Hello guys!
    Maybe someone can help me.

    I have translated various free tasks and collected the 500 point becessary to get access to paid tasks, but even having 537 points I don´t have access to the paid tasks.

    Can someone help me? Did I do something wrong?

    Thank you!


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    Claudio Chagas

    I keep receiving notifications asking if I had done any free tasks today and I never received any free tasks after the initial test tasks. I'm thinking of disabling notifications for unbabel, as it's pointless to be reminded every time if I had done any tasks which have never been sent.

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    Iouri Belov

    I do not want to install Google Chrome. I want to get alerts about paid translation projects by email.

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