4 Habits of a Good Editor




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    Cindy Phillips

    A good editor needs to be a broad reader and a curious person!

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    Jean Mathis

    Its all true.

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    Hugo Macedo (Unbabel)

    Thanks for the contribution!

    @Lilian I see that you are already an editor - if you need more help maybe is better to send us an email to support@unbabel.com so we can follow up with your specific issues.

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    Katsiaryna Atvalka

    I also want to add one important thing for everybody to keep in mind - PUNCTUATION MARKS!
    I've been doing Job Reviews with an English to Russian pair and noticed that there are many good editors with great editing and translating skills, but when three commas are missing in one sentence, it doesn't look good. Also, many editors simply copy all the punctuation marks from the original, which leads to mistakes in the translation. Every language has its own rules and the differences in English and Russian punctuation, for example, are huge!
    So it would be great if editors checked those things one more time. I'm sure the readers would appreciate it!

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    Toni Faisal

    nice info to help us as a candidate of editor

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    Jean Mathis

    How many times did I check my reviewed tasks and noticed major punctuation mistakes that nobody would ever mention? And here again this is why, in a way, we she should be able to review our tasks, but only before they have been given a review of course. Which takes me to the next topic, being able to post (at least once) when a unfair review is given. Example: I have received 3 stars (which is not what we re aiming at of course) for a translation this week, only because the reviewers thought that one expression was better than another, when actually both were accurate and acceptable and commonly used. You actually click on a dispute button which is only here to let you believe somebody will take care of the matter but actually none of these unfair reviews gets changed or dismissed by Unbabel because they are lacking the resources to do it.

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    Lillian VAN DEN BROECK

    I agree with Katsiaryna. Some good texts lose all meaning without punctuation marks!

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    Terence Lisboa

    Thank you for the tips!

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    Simon Bahir

    Our real objective should be to help each other in learning by doing that all editors may benefit from it and improve our editing skills without competitive effort to ruin other editors. Such a mentality is never ever welcome in this awesome site of unbabelling the world. Hugo Macedo's advice is worth noting.
    Special thanks to Luisa Almeida and Jean Mathis for your comforting comments.

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    jorge luque

    Hello! I have sent many emails to Unbabel claiming for some cashout? and some issues which have popped out! but I still don't have an asnwer! thanks.

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    Anne Beker

    These tips all look very important
    There should be a link to the "help" part of the website from the dashboard. Or the link is very well hidden. It should be easy to fix.

    In particular, this clarified a lot for me:

    "just skip it!
    This protects your quality rating and your average speed - because skipped task do not count. "

    Because of the big red icon when i skipped a task i thought somehow this was not good for my ratings. Very useful to know.

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    Oumaima Ait Oufkir

    Thank you very much i find this very helpful :)

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    Husam LIX

    thanx for article Hugo

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    Irina Irina

    I am trying to do some tasks for the evaluation, but your web-based system is extremely bad for editing: letters jump from one place to another, text get selected by itself and there is no way to unselect it without deleting. It's  just impossible to do editing. I am using Android tablet and Windows tablet. Am I the only one facing this technical difficulties ? What is recommended OS, browser, whatever ? Thanks.

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