I can't receive my cash-out via PayPal




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    Laura Bazzurro

    if i open a paypal account to receive money, do I have to pay a fee per month or during the year for paypal??

    Can I just receive the payment through my bank account??

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    Simon Bahir

    Do you think paypal is a trustworthy organization? In the Philippines, not many people are familiar with paypal, and even the bank where I have my account explained to me that once we link our bank account and/or credit/debit card to paypal, we have our financial information exposed to paypal and we put our account at risk being the target of fraudsters either from irresponsible paypal employees or other cyber criminals.
    Frankly speaking I have doubt about paypal as there have been many issues in regards to the security, and there have been many victims of theft that paypal contributed to.
    What do you think about it?

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    Simon Bahir

    I once requested to Unbabel to send my money through western union but the answer is, there is no way to send through western union. Does that make sense? I have experienced receiving $200 from America through western union, and Unbabel never bothers doing that?

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