My PayPal email address is different from the one on Unbabel. How can I change it?




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    Sean Koo

    I requested a cash-out on Nov. 3rd when my Unbabel email was different than my Paypal's, but it is now changed. Will I have any problem?

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    Doctor Toleen
    @Sean koo did you have any problem with that ? because the same thing happened with me .
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    Sean Koo (Edited )

    @Doctor Toleen I changed (or added) emails for my paypal account, and it worked!

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    Amine Benseddiq

    I requested a cash-out to a none veriefied paypal account but haven't received the money yet ! it's been 2 weeks now !!
    what if i change my email adress to a veriefied account !! will it be done !!???

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