Why are there no Training Tasks?




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    Евгений Сайфуллин

    Здравствуйте,как мне получать задания по паре Английский-Русский?

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    Светлана Калугина

    I have done the tests on October 1, 2015. There is an announcement at my dashboard: " You have completed the test tasks. You will be notified of the results in the next 24 hours. " But 24 hours have passed five days ago. I have not got notification yet. How can I get my notification in order to be a translator and get my first pro-bono training tasks.

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    Gulnara Samigulina

    The same about me, Gulnara

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    Dima Opencov

    Я авторизовался, меня зарегистрировали, но заданий на баллы нету. как их получить мне вообще не понятно
    I logged in, I registered, but jobs points no. how to get them I do not understand

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    Nick Baker (Edited )

    I've got the same problem. There're no available free tasks on my account. I did 5 tasks about a week ago. Administration of Unbabel said that new tasks would be sent as soon as they check those five ones. Still I have no free tasks.

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