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    David Torres

    It can become a REAL mess. I don't mind, I'll give it a try

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    Maria José Frazão
    Maria Jose Frazáo I would like to give it a try. From the samples I saw it doesn`t seam so difficult.
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    Jean Carlos Soto Torres

    Even thought I have more than 100,000 points I don't receive paid tasks now.

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    Kerim Uygur KIZIL
    Trying my best. I hope the client will be satisfied with the results. Thank you for the information.
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    Ghada Ali
    I think it is not that difficalt
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    Mert Özel

    This might be a possible solution for languages with similar grammar to English, but unfortunately it results in nothing but nonsense in different languages, such as Turkish. I did a lot of these tasks last night and let me tell you, I don't think they'll mean anything. It just doesn't work that way.

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    Hi there. My friend can see 300+ of these - but I can't see any? :((

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    Diana Santos
    In my opinion, these tasks are quite messy and rambling. I hope that the people who will review these tasks take into account the nature and complexity of these ones. But I'll do my best. Always and forever!
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    naema mohamad

    These are spoken Arabic sentences said with out taking in consideration the English grammar.But I think I can translate 'em.

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    naema mohamad (Edited )
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    Tom Vandemeulebroucke
    It's rather annoying as almost all tasks seem to have such messy sentences, there's dozens of ways to interpret them and without any context it's almost impossible to know what it meant.
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    Teresa Custódio
    Recently, there were some paid tasks in the English to Portuguese language pair consisting of half a dozen or a dozen words and many of them didn't make sense. However, they didn't seem to be based on a live conversation. They seemed to be parts of a lecture about the Big Bang and using chemistry and other science to understand what the universe is made of.
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    Bruno Morais
    Teresa, I think I know which tasks you're referring to. It was from a lecture indeed. In the translation notes there a link to the video for us to hear it in context.
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    Leonardo Ramirez (Edited )

    I agree with Michele Ottone. The reviews of this tasks need to be different, taking in consideration the nature of the tasks.

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    Lukas Bay
    I had a lot of these today and tried my best, but it was just impossible to do some of them. About 80% seem to have been written by one or several Indian men, whose English was really faulty. Unfortunately, it is impossible to translate something correctly, if it's not only messy, but also gramatically wrong almost all the time.
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    Petter Wilhelmsen

    This could be problematic, especially since many sentences can have double meanings. Wow.

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    Hanna Gałczyńska

    I think not only double meaning is a problem.
    In my opinion, to translate to language where you must conjugate verbs is also a problem.
    Anyway, let's do our best! :)

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    tania damianofftania

    I am willing to give it a try!

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