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    Bruno Morais (Edited )

    It's a very nice feature :) good job

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    Boris Smirnov

    And what about Russian? It seems no Enlish-Russian nor French-Russian dictionaries are available...

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    Артемова Инна

    Опробую, когда придет текст на перевод.

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    Petter Wilhelmsen

    The dictionary doesn't work for me. I've tried double-clicking source words and clicking the dictionary icon. Is it limited to only a few language pairs?

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    Gema Segura

    This feature is decreasing my performance. I don't know what I did, but it appeared unintentionally a few times while I was translating, CAUSING THE SOURCE TEXT TO MOVE AND HALF DISAPPEAR due to lack of space in my screen. As I do not like to invent my translations, I had to reload the task a few times, and we all know that being slow is no good in Unbabel. Too bad that this panel causes the main screen to move leftwards in that odd way. Happened to me in Google Chrome.

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